• Comprehensive 500 €145,00

    The Comprehensive 500

    is the most advanced combination Allergy & Intolerance Test available.

    It covers app. 275 food & food-related items; and app. 150 non-foods and extensive environmental substances and Associated Links.

    Extensive +120 Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement Analysis.

    (for detailed items covered please see - Compare Tests).

    Special features of this test - Associated Links:

    *Specific Intolerances / Sensitivities:

    - FODMAPs (formerly Fructose malabsorbtion)

    - Histamine Intolerance

    - Oxalate Sensetivity

    - Salicylate (Aspirin) Intolerance

    - Sorbitol Intolerance

    *Stomach acid imbalance - Dysbiosis

    *Infection Connection:

    - Bacteria

    - Candida

    - Helicobacter pylori

    - Parasites

    - Virus

    *Electromagnetic Stress (EMF) - Geopathic Stress

    The C500 items test has evolved to one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated tests available (worldwide - so I believe). It is a unique holistic test - covering a tremendous variety of substances, and more so, includes health affecting aspects, that others don't cover. (Most other tests available only offer separate tests for food-items, House dust mite, hayfever, metal toxicity, or specific intolerances like gluten, lactose, Histamine, Salicylates, Sorbitol, etc.)

    Comprehensive test report: 40 pages

    A lot of time and effort has gone into developing and updating this test over the last couple of years. Aiming to encompass as many aspects - involved in the diversity of today's increase in adverse reactions - as possible.

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